Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Drop Generator...
Author Jim Starkey
At 12:54 PM 3/22/01 -0500, Mark Shapiro wrote:
>>Not that I am aware of. At least not completely, meaning all the way to the
>>recovery of the storage the generator value was occupying on the generator
>>The reason I am confident of this is because generators are outside of
>>transaction context so it gets more tricky what you can do with them once
>>they are created.
>>If it did anything it would simply delete the record in the RDB$GENERATORS
>>table for the generator.
>If you delete a generator from RDB$GENERATORS, then backup and restore the
>database, does that completely remove the generator from the database?

A generater consumes 8 bytes of disk space. The code to reclaim
the space would hundreds of times bigger than the space reclaimed.
Cleaning up the name space has merit, but losing sleep over 8
crummy little bytes isn't worth it.

Jim Starkey