Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Proxy Query ?
Author Darko Prenosil
Thanks for Your answer !
I got only few more question :
How high on the Firebird to do list is this subject ? (Unfortunately I'm
not programmer good enough to do it my self.).
Otherwise I like InterBase because is small, simple and robust, so I do not
like idea to change it for another dB,
but this problem is bothering me for few months.

Is this problem connected to server-side database registration ?
(clients should know only database alias, not the database path ?)
Somewhere I read that this subject is on to-do list too!

Is the Firebird team planing to support cross-database referential integrity

I hope I'm not bothering You too much !

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Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2001 7:52 PM
Subject: Re: [IB-Architect] Proxy Query ?

> >At 3/6/2001 06:21 AM (Tuesday), darko_prenosil@... wrote:
> > >Is it possible to write UDF (exetended stored proc) that opens
> > >another database, runs query across that database and return the
> > >result back to IB ? Is there problem by accessing IB back-end engine
> > >again from UDF ? It will be ideal to return cursor or complete result
> > >set !

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