Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Connection resources, classic vs. SS
Author Jason Wharton

> Sorry. Send the memory to me. Netfrastructure knows how to use it.
> 40 Beach St, Manchester, Ma 01944 Att: Jim.
> Interbase, not a chance. Firebird, a chance.
> [The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of my beloved
> spouse but are never-the-less correct.]

Too enjoyable of a post!

(wiping water off my eye from laughing so hard, no offense Ann)

Thanks for clearing up some very frustrating misinformation of the past. My
experiences and what you have said match up pretty well. I'll file the
information I got from that BORCON session where I suspected it belonged in
the first place.

Someone should have titled a session "10 things you can do to make an
InterBase application developer scream!"

(Not implying Bill's session was the bad one.)

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ