Subject Re: [IB-Architect] How about {$IFDEF xxx} {$ENDIF}
Author Frank Schlottmann-Goedde
Hi Ann, Hi all,
On Thursday, 13. December 2001 19:57, Ann W. Harrison wrote:
> Jim, Dave Schnepper, & Marco Lauria wrote:
> >> {IFDEF}
> >
> > arrggg!!!
> A more reasonable approach, for features which are
> semantically compatible, would be for Firebird to
> support both syntaxes.

When reading the news (both worldwide and Firebird/Interbase related)
reasonable seems to be a deprecated expression. I think we (or especially me
with my limited capability to express myself in english without embarrassing
someone) cannot do sth. about this at the moment. For me, reasonable would
have been when the IB developers had followed the devel and checkins lists
that they have 'adamantly' ignored. I give up and will work exclusively with
firebird from now on.

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