Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Invalid database objects
Author Martijn Tonies
""Claudio Valderrama C."" <cvalde@...> schreef in bericht
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> > In short, this area needs to be open sharing of technical material
> > the constraint to suit any one person's fancy or agenda.
> I'm not against the idea. Only that I still see the reason to have
> ib-priorities as a first sieve for requirements.
> C.

Hi Claudio,

not quite getting it - where should what be posted then?

Firebird-devel: technical issues and Firebird bugs/build problems etc,
ib-support: about any support question from a 'simple' developers view?
(I'm not posting bugs/questions there about character lengths when altering
to varchar, for example)
ib-architect: ?
ib-priorities: ?

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