Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Rows Affected inside of a stored procedure or trigger
Author Ian Newby
Hi Jason,

> > Allowing it to return a result set would mean that any
> > client tool would work without changing the interface.
> How do you envision this being possible?

Using the BDE <g> as an example,

A TQuery with an SQL of

"update employee set name = 'jason' where id='5' returning affected"
"insert into employee (id,name) values ('5','Jason') returning affected"

would return a result set of with 1 field called affected containing how
many records were updated/inserted, if the query was opened, rather than

I guess the problem is if you merge returning affected with returning
[fieldname]. ie

"insert into employee (name) values ('Jason') returning,affected"

I've no idea how this would work.

I suppose you could make "returns affected" and returns [fieldname...]
mutually exclusive.

Ian Newby