Subject Re: [IB-Architect] SQL Scripts
Author Marco Lauria
At 19.58 11/12/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>Marco Lauria wrote:
> > It should be on the server, for the command typical of the server
> > so for all the commands except CONNECT, DROP AND CREATE.
> > I don't include COMMIT or ROLL BACK as these regards the server
> > and not the client.
>No no and no (well that's my very personal opinion).
>Conceptually transactions can span multiple databases, so eventually multiple
>Just as a script could manipulate multiple databases, so multiple
>Scripts, if defined as a sequence of valid SQL statements, eventually
>interspersed with additional environmental statements, are a thing which
>would gain from being standardized among the various components, but
>which is conceptually tied to the client-side.

No problem,
but I can assure you that having able to use them can be useful....
I'd like to be able to use variables in DSQL
I'd like to be able to use FOR SELECT in DSQL
I'd like to be able to test a SP in DSQL without having to
use a work-around or a client-side buggy parser
as the one that comes with Quickdesk or other similar products.
But this is my personal opinion...
P.S. in other environment you can do this
and this can tell being faster than other that doesn't have
similar capabilities.
And Being faster means that you can achieve the same result with
less head-ache.
But I repeat this is my opinion.