Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Passing context info to UDFs
Author Jason Wharton
> Netfrastructure addresses this problem with concept of connection
> variables. A connection variable has a name and a value, both
> strings, and is assigned programmatically (a method in the
> JDBC Connection class). Any DML code (including triggers)
> can access a connection variable with the sql value
> expression "cnct.<name>". Connection variable are properties
> of the attachment/connection and persist through transaction
> commit and rollback. There are a small number of system
> defined connection variable to pass miscellaneous useful
> stuff.
> I don't know what forms of abuse I've let myself in for, but
> the potential problems seem bounded, particularly relative to
> the plagues of triggers I loosed on mankind. But from fire
> comes burns.

Who was it that attacked me for suggesting the need for this in InterBase
for exactly the same reasons you stated here?
Although I did mix in reasons for replication as well.

Your implementation is just about exactly what I was recommending be done.


Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ