Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Select across multiple database and XA compatability....
Author Paul Reeves
Dominique Louis wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have been looking at a great tool called ObjectSpark (
> ), which works with SQL Server and Oracle,
> and having spoken with it's developers I was told that they do not
> support InterBase ( and I assume FireBird ) because you cannot select
> across multiple databases ( I think it is something called XA

What makes ObjectSpark so special that cross-database selects are a major
criterion for server support?

> compatability ). It this the right place to ask if and when this sort of
> functionality will be addressed, not just so it would work with this
> tool but also as it would be a good feature to have?

This is the place to discuss features and the grand design behind them. Feel
free to present a proposal explaining how cross-database selects should work.
Once that hurdle is crossed it is over to Firebird-devel where developers
discuss the nitty gritty of writing the code.
Having said that, the real challenge is probably finding someone with the
interest and the time to implement a feature. As with software development
generally a lot is down to someone wanting something enough to actually pay
for it, either with their time or their money. Which leads me to the question
- What is the business case for this feature? Can a similar result be achieved
in another way?


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further