Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Trigger Classes
Author Jim Starkey
At 04:39 PM 10/24/01 +0100, Ivan Prenosil wrote:
>> From: Jim Starkey
>> The disable statement disables triggers of the given name for
>> either the duration of connection or until the trigger class
>> is explicitly enabled with the enable trigger class statement.
>> Trigger classes are not explicitly declared, just used.
>Is trigger_class enabling/disabling restricted to table owner,
>or is there some way how to restrict this functionality
>to selected users (something like "grant class_name to user ...") ?

The Netfrastructure application environment doesn't really need
security restrictions, so I haven't provided for any. In a more
general context, it is well worth considering. The idea of a
malicious programmer turning off auditing triggers isn't very
nice, but then neither is the idea of a malicious programmer
with write access.

Extending the concept with access control would require declaration
of trigger classes, which I omitted out of sheer laziness over
Ann's objections. She would almost certainly browbeat any Firebird
developer into doing so.

Jim Starkey