Subject Re: Query Optimiser
Author Markus Kemper
I believe that this problem still confuses
the optimizer when using parameterized queries
in stored procedures and triggers.

An old friend of mine ( Andreano ) in Brazil
found this on-site in Sao Paulo. Are you
listening? :-)

The customer 24x7 with 100+ very active users.
The servers was bleeding bad until we reworked
a few things.


> > I think no. Because optimizer creates plan during prepare, when no
> > parameter values are specified. And, parsing parameter values is
> complex.
> > But, I don't know about
> >
> > select ... from ...
> > where somefield like :param||'%'.
> >
> > Of course, :param||'%' also can be computed only during execute,
> >
> Wouldn't fly either because the param could be %abc
> JAC.