Subject Re: [IB-Architect] The Borland Back Door
Author Nando Dessena

> > I have tried IB_WISQL in the first place, then a command-line gfix
> > setting ISC_USER and ISC_PASSWORD; finally I tried specifying the -user
> > and -password from the command line. All with a local connection on my
> > W2K box and Borland's (:-() plain 6.0 build.
> I first noticed it with IB_Wisql, you can't do anything to a db here,
> but you can crash (at least a linux) remote server by selecting Who.
> You can use isql -u youknow -p youknowalso to test this.
> isql doesn't change the user name to uppercase.

Tried isql; same result: my insecure server doesn't let me connect to a