Subject Re: [IB-Architect] UDF's
Author reed mideke
"Robert F. Tulloch" wrote:
> Hi:
> > You mean how the >server< calls them ? jrd/flu.c
> Thanks. That module deals with verifying module/entrypoints. The actual call is
> defined in fun.e.
Ooops. Thats what I get for going from memory. Where can I get the ECC
upgrade for graymatter ? ;-)

> I have looked at the code and it would seem my function should work. Calling w/o
> parameters is addressed and I am returning a *ptr to a null terminated string
> (CSTRING) so I can't see why it won't. Need some real insight here I think.
Without knowing more, all I can say is trace it and see what actually

> Best regards
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