Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: Fixing a corrupt database
Author Paul Beach

Just checking re. using gfix manually, a number of users forget that gfix
will run from the command line, and has a lot more options available to it,
than appear in the Server Manager, and that a "gfix" run from the Server
Manager will not do everything that gfix from the command line will do.

If none of the utilities will work, including and especially gfix, you have
a major problem, as the only way that your database could get fixed would be
to patch the offending page - and there are no utilities to do this. It
would have to be done manually if it is fixable at all.

From a checksum perspective, I believe the checksum mechanism was turned off
for performance reasons on Unix 4.0 ODS 8.0, and on all other platforms at
ODS 9.0 (4.2 ?)


2. Checksum

" If -ignore is specified, the checksum is specifically checked in
validate instead of in the engine. If the checksum is found to
be wrong, the error:

"Checksum error on page xxx"

is returned. This is harmless when found by validate, and the page
will still continue to be validated--if data structures can be
validated on page, they will be. If -mend is specified, the page
will be marked for write, so that when the page is written to disk
at the end of validation the checksum will automatically be

Note: For 4.0 only Windows & NLM platforms keep page checksums."

My concern is that the error is being returned by a page early on in the
database, and it is a page that is needed for a connection.

As such it may be possible to fix your database, but it will take time and