Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Initial SYSDBA login problem
Author Helen Borrie (Team JEDI)
At 02:22 AM 12-09-00 +0200, you wrote:

>thanks for the help I already got.
>Now for something basic: I can't log in at all, and that with a fresh
>InterBase 6 installation on Windows 2000/SP1.
>InterBase Manager says that the server is running. I tried to login to the
>local server on my stand-alone PC (using IBConsole), but it says username
>and password are not defined (SYSDBA/changeme).
>Any ideas?

Try SYSDBA/masterkey.
(The doc is wrong).

And please don't post any more support questions here. For support, use
the interbase@... list.

Helen (Moderator)

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