Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Linus Comments
Author Paul Reeves
Geoff McInnes wrote:
[ a chilling scenario of InterBase under C++ in a few years time ]
> The only alternative to C++ or Java that I've heard kicked around
> is Microsoft's rumoured C-Sharp [C#], the Java-killer but that's
> likely another thread.
It may be another thread, but it will be a short lived one. Whatever the
(de)merits of C, C++ and Java at least they are ubiquitous and cross-platform.
C# will be neither. It will rely entirely upon the Windows api. After all, that
is the whole point. Sun pretty much stopped MS mucking around with Java so they
did a clean room job and re-wrote it themselves.

It may be a success. With Anders Heilberg involved it is certainly going to get
some serious attention. But I believe it will remain a proprietary Microsoft
product and will thus be a non-starter for a cross-platform, open source
database engine.


Paul Reeves
Fleet River Software