Subject Off-topic posts: was Re: [IB-Architect] ODBC Driver
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:10 PM 31-08-00 -0400, Robert Tulloch wrote:

>Hi Jason:
> > Follow the rules of *this* list. Especially when the list owner tells you
> > to. That's me. ;-)
> Well that is a very open minded statement to say the least. Are you
>afraid of an open discussion on this topic?

Actually, I am the owner of the list. If I hadn't been sleeping at the
time the initial spat started, I would have moved you on myself. The point
Jason made is that this discussion is completely off-topic for
IB-Architect, which is a technical forum to discuss the architecture of the
engine and connecting software, not the history of disputes between Inprise
and its suppliers.

> We read message after message about how screwed up Inprise is. You
>didn't tell anyone to take that discussion elsewhere.

That is an incorrect statement. Off-topic discussions do get moved on but
24-hour surveillance is completely impracticable.

> By the way, is there an "or else" associated with the first quote?

I read it as a polite but firm request to observe list etiquette. And this
is another.

Please move this discussion to IBDI. If you need reminding of the purposes
of the lists, please go to and
refresh your memory.

Helen (list owner and moderator, a.k.a. The Wicked Witch)
All for Open and Open for All
Team JEDI Member