Subject Re: [IB-Architect] IB6 ODBC Driver
Author Tim Uckun
>I think they were hoping to make money from an IPO or something. With the
>stock market not doing too well right now, they are probably not as
>interested in Interbase anymore.
>When trying to figure out what these guys are doing, you have to think like
>a greedy CEO, not a developer. ;-)

Maybe you are right. Whatever they were trying to make money on it blew up
in their face. Not only do they look foolish and bumbling but a large
number of their key employees quit. In addition to this Dale Fuller and
some of his employees were publicly humiliated and made fun of by newco and
prominent customers. All and all a bad deal for inprise and Dale Fuller.
Most likely this has soured Borland on open sourcing anything else in the
new future and quite possibly discourage other companies from open sourcing
underperforming products. Let's face it IB was going to die anyway and
borland was not going to keep flogging a dying horse. Borland had two
options. Stop developement and try to make a few dollars on existing
customers, or try build better market share through open sourcing. I bet
you right now there are a lot of "I told you so" comments flying around. In
retrospect from the point of view of the CEO he should have kept it and
made a few more dollars from a dying product much like CA does.

Time will tell if all this infighting and back stabbing will sour the open
source community from embracing IB. I know it has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Tim Uckun
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