Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Tru64Unix
Author Bill Karwin

InterBase has conditional code to handle Alpha hardware for DEC UNIX and
DEC OpenVMS. The code has not been maintained into the 6.0 codebase
because there was insufficient business justification to continue
supporting these platforms. There is no guarantee that InterBase 6.0
will build without errors on Alpha platforms (but no evidence to suggest
that it won't, either).

Another suggestion:
Some people have reported success running InterBase for Windows NT
(Intel) on Alpha hardware using the FX!32 emulator.

Bill Karwin

"Ari A." wrote:
> Hi All,
> My company wants to upgrade our server hardware into Alpha Server. I'm
> not quiet sure, Is it right that Alpha Server using OS Tru64Unix ? Can
> Interbase
> run on this OS ?
> Is there anyone who has this experience ?
> Please, help me !
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> Best regards,
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