Subject Re: [IB-Architect] InterBase Source Now Available from Public CVS Server
Author Mike Nordell
Paul Reeves asked:
> ib-architect@... wrote:
> >
> > I've noticed that over-quoting is frequent in the IB groups. Please,
> > could you try to keep the quotes "minimal and complete"? I.e. a "me
> > too" comment with over eighty lines quote isn't good netiquette.
> >
> While we're on the subject of netiquette, would you care to explain why
> e-mail address is ib-architect@..., and why you don't publish your

It would seem that the news-server at mers does this. I've had some
mail-feed problems today and switched to use the mers news-server for
posting. A positive side-effect of using the news-server posting seems to be
that it doesn't add ads after every post. :-)
This one is however sent using mail, why I do believe that the address would
be OK.

As for the second question; I'm from Sweden, and I might be used to a more
informal approach. E.g. I always end both personal mails and public posts by
plain "/Mike". However, since you wondered about it: :-)

Mikael Nordell - Senior Systems Designer/Consultant

If you on the other hand wondered about the news "From:" field, it's now
taken care of.