Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Building IB6
Author Chris Jewell
> From: "Mike Nordell" <tamlin@...>
> Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 23:09:06 +0100
> > You will also need the MKS tool kit.
> AFAIK the only *needed* things from this is ksh and sed. I'm using a Win32
> compiled GNU sed without any problems. As for ksh, would a Win32 bash cut
> it? The one from cygwin?

Some time in 1998 or -9, one of our Windows guys (who changed employers
after the December events but who lurks here and may choose to comment)
made a run at converting the NT build to work with Cygwin, but found that
at that time the Cygwin stuff wasn't up to the job. That's a long
time ago on an OSS timescale, cygwin may be up to the job now.

I used to have a ksh test script that was passed under real ksh93,
pdksh, and zsh symlinked as ksh (my personal favorite :-) ), but
failed under bash. That script doesn't seem to be on my Sparc at the
office: I'll check my main FreeBSD box at home this evening. Someone
with Cygwin installed can try the script: if it passes now, it may be
time for another try at replacing MKS with Cygwin. Alternatively,
someone could rewrite the shell scripts which depend on things that
bash gets wrong (at least if you consider AT&T ksh to be correct).

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