Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Building IB6
Author Ann Harrison
At 08:26 PM 7/27/00 +0100, Mike Nordell wrote:
>I was pointed to this mailing-list from interbase.public.general. If it's
>the wrong place for these kind of questions, please let me know.

This is the right place.

>Is there really no other way to make the build work other than somehow
>already have the binaries you're trying to build (i.e. it's a a complete
>deadlock situation)?

Right now, that's the case. The preprocessor (gpre) generates C
code that is largely system independent, so it's possible to cross-compile
when porting to a new platform, though it make take some hand tweaking -
or a lot, in the case of Cray.

>The signal-to-noise ratio when building is really, *really*, bad. With about
>1-5 thousand (!) warnings per lib/dll/exe it's close to impossible to find
>the *real* problems. Not that I'd say that this amount of warnings isn't a
>real problem. :-)

You're absolutely right.

>And that brings me to the burning issue, patches. Where is one supposed to
>send these, and what format is preferred?

Hmmm. Interesting problem. Apparently Borland didn't put up some of
the pieces that you'd expect to see in an open source project - bug
database, CVS ...