Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Its Out
Author Tim Uckun
At 01:59 PM 7/26/00 +1000, you wrote:
>At 11:31 PM 25-07-00 -0400, Claudio wrote:
> >Also, if ISC doesn't happen as a company, I will consider
> >seriously to leave both Borland and Interbase forever.
>Who amongst us hasn't considered that? But...uggghhh!
>ISC will happen as a company. Just probably not in the intended,
>potentially rational, helpful, cooperative conditions that we hoped
>for. Now is the time for Plan B. Hang in there, Claudio, you're in it.


The source is out, you guys are the experts (you too Claudio), what is
preventing you from creating your own company? Did you guys sign some nasty
contracts with Inprise or something? It seems like at this point anybody
can jump in this game start their own support business.
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