Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Its Out
Author Dalton Calford
That is one thing that I am sure, Ann, Paul, Matt, and the rest of the newco
crew are going over and getting familiar with. The big thing is the next few
weeks to see if newco has a good relationship with Inprise.

Remember, with OS, you only have to publish your code, you do not have to
merge your changes with the origional.

Do you think Dale will be paying people to keep thier tree up to date with
what newco will be doing?

Anybody got a artistic edge to them????
After all, we need a good Phoenix logo, biz cards, tee shirts, mugs, manuals,
bumper stickers, Ann for pres bill boards, you know the basic stuff any
software company needs......



Mark Shapiro wrote:

> >Now that the source is out, Dale and Inprise are irrelevant. The next
> question
> >is, who all wants to invest in newco?
> Are you sure? I havn't re-read the IPL yet, but apparently at least ONE
> thing changed in it since its initial presentation. Is it still as open as
> we thought? I'm asking.
> -Mark