Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Table Inheritance
Author Joseph Alba
> You answered NO. Then, I ask you again: do you still say NO?

No. I mean Yes. Or should it be no.

If I answer No, does it mean I'm answering the later No as Yes, or is it the
other way around?
What do you say, Yes or No?

Actually, I forgot the distinction between the static class and the dynamic
object. (Class being hierarchical, and object being association/relation)

Anyway, the dominant wolf of our pack is leaning toward making the cart of
inheritance. This means Interbase would be going object-oriented. So be it.
(The second suggestion of interface was more like an event handler - a
trigger that is separate from a table, and is a like Vince's point of view.
You won't need to have class inheritance features before you can have
reusable, sharable triggers.)

Joseph Alba