Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Trigger Templates
Author Ungod
err, the dynamic modifier keyword of delphi is late binding as opposed to
virtual which is early binding....

Ungod (W.King)
I found the answer, now where'd I put that problem...

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Subject: Re: [IB-Architect] Trigger Templates

At 7/7/2000 04:39 PM (Friday), Joseph Alba wrote:
> >Say what? Delphi is late binding?
>Yup. The simplest way to see this is:
>1. Activate Delphi
>2. Press F1
>3. Help Topics
>4. Find
>5. Type late-binding

Oh, so you are talking about a subset of the Corba/remote server
capabilities of Delphi. Ok, so Delphi can do late binding.

I thought you meant the other 99.9% of binding as used in Delphi.

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