Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Off-Topic -- CVS on Win32 ? Help ! (Re: ODBC for IB6)
Author Olivier Mascia
| Jim Starkey wrote :
| I think I got the version I use from (command line
| I wouldn't bother with the various windows-enabled versions; cvs was
| designed for command line use in the first place.

Since my post, I went there too, or more precisely to which
is now taking over Cyclic for CVS sponsoring (indeed takes
you there now). Got the 'thing', well source only. While I like that, I'm
now struggling for compiling since I got rid of MSVC++ 6 some monthes ago in
favor of Borland C++ Builder 5 and its very good (my very own appreciation)
command-line tools BCC 5.5 and all.

| The odbc account on ishmael doesn't support a logon, but that isn't
| a problem.
| Maybe you firewall doesn't like port 2401?

| Jim Starkey

Well, it was teached how to like it, but who knows ?! :-)
Some way or another, I'll manage to get this working.

Thank you Jim,

Olivier Mascia