Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Super-transactions and Incremental Backup
Author Jim Starkey
At 07:09 AM 6/21/00 -0700, Markus Kemper wrote:
> When we start talking about freeze points and such things
> I get a bit nervous. I like to see databases snappy
> clean from garbage with a very narrow gap between the
> OIT and OAT at all times ( currently a problem with gbak
> backup and VLDBs on a high volume system ). It is likely
> that my training has made me leary of database garbage as
> all I've ever seen it do is create excess work for the
> engine and slow down the MGA.

Although I think it's important to finish the discussion of
freeze-point / incremental logical backup thread, I suspect
(but can't prove) that it's a dry hole. The problems of
handling deleted records and limbo transactions are likely
to be hard sticking points. But perhaps Mr. Wharton will
surprise us.

I think an examination into alternatives for physical backup
(page level) will be useful though possibly less instructive.
But since my goal is education and not just problem solving,
we can wait.

Jim Starkey