Author Dalton Calford
Hi Willi,

I asked Helen for her assitance, but she is swamped right now, but that
is ok because the document itself is far from ready for primetime (so
full of holes you can drive a truck through it).
Once I get past the concept articles and start showing the decision
trees and accompaning code, then it becomes clearer on how the million
and one problems that can occur are headed off.

I was hoping that I would see a few more questions about it so that I
could tighten it up a bit and clarify things that I may have missed.

Remember, there are no bad questions, just bad answers.

Once everything is finished, I would like to see it posted somewhere in
a way to say thanks to all those who have helped me over the years.

If Helen thinks it good enough to get into the handbook, I would be
happy to see it's inclusion.

best regards


Willi Krenn wrote:
> IMO it would be very nice to include this (final) article in the Interbase
> Developer's Handbook!
> ( )
> Any comments?
> Willi