Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Wolves and IB-Architect
Author Benny Schaich

> Why don't all the IB community agree that the Big Bad Wolf who lives in this
> list should be granted the sole license to snarl and chew heads off because
> he is THE WOLF of IB, and all progressive communities - by empirical
> evidence - need a resident / leader wolf.

There is a misconception here with the system that is inherent to the open source
community. The Community works mostly anarchistic in a way that there is no written
law (except the license) how it works.

This can be described with the same misunderstanding that white people had with
native americains and their chieftains. The white people in general expected
chieftains to be elected in some way to have the power to command their tribes. In
reality their power was merely based on the respect their people had for them. Which
means that a suggestion from a deeply respected person could be understood as a
command by some people and a suggestion from others based on their experience, while
everybody has to check for himself were he belongs.

The only regulation there is that doing wrong means risking your 'fame'.

Though, we cannot elect THE WOLF but I think it will be clearly who is it. Who
cannot live with that should consider to go away or make up his own IB Community
(which would be possible as far as I understand the license).

The german word "Streit" means fight, combat, struggle, but also debate, dispute and
argument. Discussions without "Streit" are lame and boring. That is what should be
learnt by everybody.


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