Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Wolves and IB-Architect
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 6/19/00 08:04 PM (Monday), Joseph Alba wrote:
>I don't agree because history and political theory show that this is not
>how progressive communities evolve. [snip]

I think we are miscommunicating.

I agree that we need someone (even more than one) playing the role you
describe. However, I disagree that we have to name anyone the BBW, allow
them to treat community members in an uncivil manner, or otherwise disrupt
the progressive flow of discourse. (ANYTHING which causes people to address
the manner of the speaker rather than what was spoken disrupts the
progressive flow of discourse.)

IB has a fledgling community here. We need to take pains to protect it and
expand it. That will not happen if we get a reputation for being too rough
on each other.

Now, I'll grant you that many people enjoy rough. They might even say good
riddance to those who are thin skinned enough to be driven away by it. But
I would maintain that an atmosphere where newbies feel intimidated and
unwelcome is inefficient, unnecessary, and ultimately unproductive. We
don't need that.

We can accomplish all that you have described without the discord you seem
to think is required for any progress to be made. Creative tension is one
thing, just plain tension is another.