Subject RE: [IB-Architect] A redefinition, please!
Author Max Nilson
Helen Borrie said:

> I, too, have observed the (apparent) reluctance of earlier
> contributors to join in the discussions recently. The
> number of subscribers continues to grow and there have
> been no unsubscriptions. I interpret that as a message
> that I need to continue to remind contributors that we
> need to be respectful and considerate when we respond to
> postings.

I and some other folks I know are watching and waiting on the list,
learning as we go until the release of the source code. Until we can sit
down and read the full source release to see what Interbase really does
now, it is extremely difficult to take a informed position on many of the
issues raised so far.

We also subscribe to the old programming maxim that the only true
documentation is the source code. When the source code is released there
will be many willing eyes to read, ask questions and make comments on the

Cheers, Max.