Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Intellectual Property and the Architecture List
Author Jason Wharton
Jim stated:

> We have had a claim of special intellectual property rights to the
> internals of a commercial product promoted by a member of this list
> and a threat to enforce those rights. Personnally, I do not wish
> to be at risk for unsolicated disclosures that appear in my mailbox.
> If the policy of this list is that I can be bound to a claim of
> intellectual property ownership by receipt of a mail message, I
> can not participate on this list.

That was me. Jim, you are safe on this list from me. I'm fully aware that
anything shared in a public forum is fair game.

Go back and carefully take into consideration the context of my comments. I
was talking about the possibility of unfair snitching of sources (e.g.
algorithms) from my code (not my public posts) in order to accelerate IBX to
close the gap between the two products. My point was either it would be a
long time before IBX would be able to catch up to IBO or else there would
very likely be some underhandedness going on.

I certainly do not think this is an unreasonable concern nor is it
unreasonable to want to protect myself wherever allowable by standard
industry copyright protections.

I think we can put this issue to rest. I would like to get back to coding
now. That's about all I seem to know how to do well. <g>

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ