Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: A few more suggestions
I would like to add one possibility to the Stored Procedure (SP) :

The param solution in SP is good but his using is bounded only on
accuracy part of SQL commands.
Would be possibled to expand this at least on the name of table?
For example :

Procedure PPPPP(TabName VarChar(30))
Select * From :TabName ......

The different interpretation the LIKE clause in SP.

When type of the LIKE clause is 'xxxx%' and the column is indexed then
db engine use this index for better performance of Select comands - it's

But when the Select with the same LIKE clause ('xxxx%') is using in Stored
Procedure then db engine don't use this index for the Select executing.

The result is the same but the performance much more longer.

I tested it on the table with 300 000 rows and the time with SP was 80x longer.