Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Odbc/Jdbc Driver
Author Jim Starkey
At 10:07 AM 5/19/00 -0400, Leyne, Sean wrote:
>Q. Will the driver be OLE-DB / ADO compliant?
>A. ???

Perhaps I have missed something important, but I don't believe
that it is possible to have a valid ODBC driver of "basic" or
higher that is not OLE-DB (through the bridge) and ADO compliant.
And, ADO compliance is currently driving the effort. I am not
writing an OLE-DB provider, however. Life is too short for
Microsoft alphabet soup. [In my opinion, always humble, Microsoft
made OLE-DB different, much more complex, without actually
making it better. An excellent example of the bigger you get
the dumber you get. If the trend continues, the best punishment
for Microsoft's miscreancy is to *not* break them up.]

Jim Starkey