Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Messaging API
Author David Schnepper
Sure -- in fact, the demo messaging package I implemented
for BorCon'99 posted events of the form:
as well as a generic
event. I'm fairly sure I still have this on my laptop
if anyone wants it.

Incidently, this is the answer to Jason's comment regarding
waiting for any "Customer: *" events. On change, post both
"Customer" and "Customer: 12345" events. If you want to
be notified when any customer changes, wait on event
"Customer". If you're interested only in customer 12, wait
on "Customer: 12".

Incidently (squared) - another something that is really needed is
a good diagnostic/debugging tool for events. (I'm talking about
a tool that dumps/monitors the state of the event table).


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At 5/18/00 04:11 PM (Thursday), David Schnepper wrote:
>POST_EVENT can take a variable containing the name of the event
>to post. (Regardless of what the documentation states).

Amazing! And to think all these years I've stayed away from events because
of a simple misunderstanding...

So, if you can do what Jim described I don't see much reason to need events
returning additional context info. It would be nice but not at all

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