Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Messaging API
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 5/18/00 03:26 PM (Thursday), Jim Starkey wrote:
>I would have the update trigger post something like "Employee:" | empl_id
>for employees, for example. The program would construct an event
>block containing like entries for all displayed records (there is
>a problem if event block exceeds 32K? 64K?). When it received
>notification it would find the event names with different event
>counts, strip off "Employee:" and be left with the primary key to
>refetch the record.

What documentation did you use to figure this out?

Check the Language Reference for POST_EVENT statement. I don't see how the
event ID can be created dynamically using the concat operator you used
above. All event ID's must be statically compiled into the trigger code as
far as I can see. Therein lies the problem we have been facing. Am I right
about this?