Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Messaging API
Author Jason Wharton
>> 4. Could you explain what the server does in response to an
>> insert into a message table?
>Well, since I'm not an IB internals guru I'll have to show my ignorance...

It just occurred to me that rather than maintain a system column with a
system generator in a message table that it could be possible to use the
transaction information to derive the "committed" order of messages in the

Then, rather than have each registered message select statement maintain the
generator driven sequence figure it could simply maintain the committed
transaction figure (if such a figure is kept).

I don't have any idea what all information on transactions is kept but I
assume it is something in the form of a table that stored various pieces of
information that are generator driven. Is there a column in the assumed
table that holds a sequential figure for when a transaction was committed?

Could this be used instead of what I was suggesting doing with the "stamp on
commit" approach?

Then, each time there is a commit a little process would kick off the check
all of the registered message statements for matchng messages in the newly
committed entries.

This would allow IB to continue being totally optimistic in the way that
nothing would need to be touched other than the transaction's committed

Jason Wharton
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