Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Java integration - Stored procedures
Author Jim Starkey
At 02:26 PM 5/15/00 -0400, Doug Chamberlin wrote:
>At 5/15/00 01:22 PM (Monday), Jim Starkey wrote:
>>I suggest we spend a little time talking about Java integration issues.
>Implementing stored procedures in Java would be very exciting. Having the
>server prepare a database connection object which can be passed to a Java
>class which can then be used via JDBC API to perform database operations
>would be slick. These operations would all occur within the current
>transaction context, of course.

Passing an active Connection object would certainly do the trick.
Whether commit/rollback are available is an interesting question.

Although any Java classes would be available, everything outside
of pure Java would have to filter through the native interface,
which would be totally controlled by the engine. In other words,
we could invent (and enforce) any restrictions and limitations
we wished.

A full Java implementation could support stored procedures, triggers,
udfs, and blob filters. Any of these could be identified by a
class name and method, which would also tell the engine any
conversions necessary coming and going.

The primary performance hits involve passing the C/Java boundary
and translation of 8 bit character strings to Unicode strings. More
than is strictly desirable for UDFs but negligable for the other
functions. Good sand box.

Jim Starkey