Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Extending SP lang. to ISQL
Author Tim Uckun
At 11:35 AM 5/15/00 -0400, you wrote:

>I believe a middle ground should be met.
>Alot of Interbases strength is due to the power of the servers scripting
>I know that I would not be using interbase if the current scripting
>language was not as powerful as it is. I also know that alot of
>companies that require complex operations to occur on a WAN or dialup
>would not use interbase if the stored procedure language was missing or
>less powerful.

Why not use IBPERL or java or something on the server side? There are a
lot great middleware solutions available. I suppose IB can be modified to
call out to an external exe or something but this would have to be done
carefully it's a huge security risk.
I think a robust language for stored procedures and udfs is a great thing
but you have to draw the line someplace sooner or later. It seems to me
it's better to take the Postgres approach and make it a pluggable thing.
Take an open source language, make slight mods to it to get rid of the
potentially dangerous things and plug it into the database.

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