Subject Re: [IB-Architect] BLOB filters and BLOB types
Author Bill Karwin
From: "Jim Starkey" <jas@...>

> >What about...
> >#define isc_blob_ico 31 Windows icon files
> >#define isc_blob_gdb 32 InterBase database file
> >#define isc_blob_dfm 33 Delphi Form file
> >#define isc_blob_bsh 34 Script file
> An Inerbase database file isn't a well defined format in the
> sense that it's a moving target.

One could make isc_blob_ods9, isc_blob_ods10, etc...

I had suggested some time ago that any Blob subtype expansion should be
organized in a sort of "Dewey Decimal System". For example:

subtypes 100..199 = raster image formats (gif, jpg, tiff, bmp, ico, png,
subtypes 200..299 = audio formats (wav, au, mp3, ra, etc.)
subtypes 300..399 = video formats (mpeg, mov, avi, qt, etc.)
subtypes 400..499 = rich text formats (rtf, html, xml, sgml, dvi, ps, eps,
mif, msword5, msword6, msword7, msword8, etc.)
subtypes 500..599 = executable code formats (Intel ELF, Intel COFF, Intel
OMF, Intel a.out, SPARC ELF, etc.)
subtypes 600..699 = source code file formats (SQL, C, C++, Delphi, Pascal,
subtypes 700..799 = archive and compressed file formats (GNU gzip, Windows
zip (LZW), tar, tar.gz, jar, Java zip, Arc, Zoo, Arj, Pak, Cab, Unix
compress, Unix compact, etc.)

One could go on and on with such groupings. It might be useful to organize
them this way. Also, include an abbreviation of the group in the token
name, for example, `#define isc_blob_exe_intel_elf 508'

Bill Karwin