Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Database names
Author Mark Shapiro
>> I am not convinced that the isc4.gdb model of a single list
>> of users/passwords is a good idea. What if two projects
>> are totally disjoint, with different user communities?
>> What if a user wants different passwords in different
>> applications?
>Right, we've seen this request periodically on the InterBase list. For
>instance, I recently read a question from a fellow who wanted SYSDBA to
>different passwords to access different databases.

For that matter, what if a user wants to change their password without
getting the sysdba involved? At the moment, it appears this is not
possible, though on the Interbase list, it was suggested there may be a way
to fudge this.

Mark Shapiro
Software Engineer
Segue Technologies, Inc.