Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Database names
Author Bill Karwin
> I'm sure that My next two items will prompt some discussion
> - Authentication Name plug-in for DB
> - Encryption Name Plug-in for DB

I think that plug-in modules and also UDF modules would be excellent
candidates for implementing in the configuration repository (however it is

I'm especially thinking that if a UDF library is registered in the server
config file, then _all_ databases on that server should be allowed to use
the UDFs in the library without having to declare every entry point in every
database. I'd love that. This means that the entry points would have to be
declared in the config file. Another good use of XML structured data, for
<FunctionLibrary module='myfuncs.dll'>
<Function name='ABS' entrypoint='f_abs'
<Function name='COS' ... />

Or, if any given UDF entry point is _not_ declared in the config file, then
the old behavior of requiring declaration in each database is in effect.
That gives us a means to make some UDFs _not_ automatically available if we
don't want them to be, for security concerns.

Bill Karwin