Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Self-contained plug-ins
Author Jason Wharton
Cat #2 skinned successfully. I would support such a setup.

Jason Wharton
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From: Bill Karwin <bill@...>
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Date: Tuesday, May 02, 2000 1:27 PM
Subject: Re: [IB-Architect] Self-contained plug-ins

>As Jim has pointed out, there are some things that are not appropriate to
>store in a gdb, such as:
>o Alias - to - pathname conversions
>o Server startup information (like the location of the config database, or
>the user ID to run the server)
>o Client ACL lists (you shouldn't require a connection to a database to
>out if you are permitted to connect to a database) - though I suppose
>ibserver should read this once and cache the information.
>The text config file idea has the advantage that it can store all these
>items, and much more. Also, it is portable, unlike a GDB. If security of
>this file is important, one can limit the file permissions appropriately
>security is important, _don't_ use FAT filesystems).
>How about this idea for ease of use of moving plugins from one system to
>o Introduce a directory off the InterBase top directory called `config'.
>o In this directory is the textual config file, as well as all binaries for
>plugins and UDF libraries, etc.
>o When you want to move this directory to another system, you just use
>WinZip or tar or jar or shar or whatever you want to package up the config
>directory and move it.
>o Optionally, if there exists a directory `config-<architecture>-<operating
>system>' that matches the current platform, the ibserver uses this config
>directory in place of the short directory name. This allows
>`config-x86-Linux' or `config-x86-Windows' or `config-sparc-solaris', etc.
>If no matching directory exists, then use simply `config'.
>Bill Karwin