Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Including encryption
Author Paul Reeves
David Berg wrote:
> If Interbase needs encryption (and I'm not convinced it does), then we don't
> need state of the art encryption, we need a long key. With a 1,000+ byte
> key a simple XOR algorythm is more unbreakable than the fanciest algorythm
> with a 64 bit key.
> Of course, the NSA knows this and that's why longer keys are banned for
> export. So any algorythm must be hard coded to work with 64 bits, sort of
> like this:

I can't see that the export rules are a problem. Most InterBase usage is
'overseas' and there is no reason why parts of the development couldn't be
'overseas'. If the encryption plug-in wasn't developed in the States there
wouldn't be much the NSA could do.

I don't think the various open source licenses are specific on this issue but I
am pretty sure that their intention is that open source should transcend nation
states. In an age of globalization suggesting that InterBase is an American
company/product is a misnomer. It is a global business with global resources.


Paul Reeves
Fleet River Software
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