Subject Re: [IB-Architect] ODBC driver for IB
Author Jim Starkey
At 03:44 PM 5/31/00 +0200, Tobias Ebsen wrote:
>I'm new to this list, so I don't know if my question has been asked a
millon times before. If so - bear with me.
>I would just like to know if anyone kan tell me a little about the ODBC
driver that is beeing developed for Interbase 6.0. I would like to know
when it will be finished, how far it has come, if there will be beta
releases available, or just anything on the progress of the development.

ODBC version 2 functionality is almost done, as is much of the version 3
stuff. It is currently running on NT and compiling on Linux. It meets
the Merant driver manager on Linux after lunch.

It will be done (sic) within a couple of weeks. Ann (aka little red
riding hood) can figure out how to release it. It will be available
for alpha in a couple of days on Windows.

Jim Starkey