Subject RE: [IB-Architect] SuperServer vs. Classic
Author Ann Harrison
At 10:43 AM 5/30/00 -0400, Leyne, Sean wrote:

>1. SuperServer only works on threaded platforms.
>Which platforms would this eliminate?

Older SCO systems. Threads are supposed to appear in the
next release.

> 5. Given an abstract workload, neither is a clear winner.
> Given a specific workload, one will generally outshine
> the other.
>Can you give some example workloads?

A single application running on the server system is faster
in classic mode. On a mono-processor, an application with
several dozen highly contentious clients is faster with
the single server. On a dual-processor, two clients that
don't interact much are better in classic mode. Server
mode is better in contention because of the shared cache.