Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Re: Some thoughts on IB and security
Author Adam Clarke
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> From: Jason Wharton [mailto:jwharton@...]
> Sent: Sunday, 30 April 2000 2:34

> What else may be an interesting twist is the alias could also
> store a remote
> connection string and just pass the whole connection on to
> another machine.
> That also allows interesting possibilities that would help with
> failover and
> general sys administration.

Another (more standard) approach to this might be to enable LDAP
lookups in the client. Then a central LDAP server could store
the required connect information and validate requests for this
information at a central location.

This is kind of an Enterprise IB feature I guess.
It does mean that you don't need to know anything about the
database location to connect to it. In the case of failover
the IB machine doesn't need to be responding at all, only
the LDAP server.

Adam Clarke