Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: Some thoughts on IB and security
Author Emil Briggs
Jim Starkey wrote:
> The things I hate most about Linux is the attitude that I have nothing
> better to do than to learn everything about a tool in order to use it.
> Case in point. RPM -- the cutting edge of Unix ease of use. To
> quote from the guys who invented it:
> "Before trying to understand how to use RPM, it helps to have
> an idea of what the design goals were."
> I don't care about the design goals. I don't care about understanding
> RPM. I don't care about RPM at all. All I want to do is install some
> software. On Windows, I cram the disk in, click install, answer the
> same damn 7 questions that I've answered a million times before,
> reboot my machine 9 times, and I'm done. I didn't have go to Borders
> to buy a $39.95 book on now to install Apache or Samba or whatever.

Hmm. I guess you don't like Linux/Unix. You've made that pretty clear
in repeated posts. You also have made it clear that you don't know
very much about the current state of Linux -- criticizing shortcomings
that may have been relevant 5 years ago (or 20 years ago for that
but are not relevant now. I'm a big proponent of Linux but I'll be
the first one to admit that in many areas it needs a lot of work.

However for a server OS rebooting 9 time to install or upgrade software
is not a very good option. In some cases rebooting every 6 months is
too much. RPM isn't perfect but the Windows solution isn't any better.

Now if you don't want to understand how to install and run Apache that's
fine. It doesn't matter what product you use though -- Apache, IIS
if you don't know what you're doing and you put a server on the Internet
you're asking for trouble.