Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Re: Some thoughts on IB and security
Decrypted 'real' user passwords should _never_ exist no matter inside the
engine or in an external plugin.
Instead there should be an API for matching an unencrypted client entered
password candidate with the encrypted stored in the database.

best regards

Kim Madsen

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Hi Claudio,

"Claudio Valderrama C." wrote:

> Because we are humans, we have to deal with risks: actually, if
for some
> reason, isc4.gdb gets corrupted, you replace it. If you store the user/pw
> tuples in each db, if the db gets corrupted, how do you repair it if you
> can't be authenticated, for example? I don't know how MsSql and other
> products deal with that problem. For example, in MsSql you define global
> users in the master database (isc4.gdb on steroids) but must add them in
> each specific db you want to grant rights to them.

This is where proper backups are important. If the database is corrupted to
the point
that a table within the database is no longer readable, then you can not be
sure of
any of the data in the database. At that point, you would need some low
level tools
to access the file structure (which you would need anyway for that level of
corruption) so the Interbase server and standard client tools are of no
value at that

> > (B) New Triggers
> > On_Connect
> > On_DisConnect
> > On_Select
> > On_RowSelect
> I'm willing to think this suffices if you make sure
> will have some parameter on the current logged in users.

I am thinking that certain common values such as the decrypted users
password would be
available only during these triggers. This would allow the Developer to
perform the
neccessary checks without the end user being able to get this information.

> Otherwise, I still
> opt for my idea of BeforeFirstConnect/AfterLastDisconnect, because I want
> some housekeeping tasks to be carried when such conditions arise.

I actually like the idea of a First Connect Trigger and Final Disconnect
They have value beyond security needs and should not be difficult to

> I cannot agree more. Also, I've seen requests to know the name of
> originator table when a trigger is activated, so you can pass it from
> several triggers to a general procedure that does a common task in behalf
> all of them.

If I did not know better, I would say you have been reading a discussion I
have been
having on another thread.

> > (D) Plain USER/PASSWORD passing to the server - a new api or a
> > modification of the
> > current api to allow the Developer to create thier own encryption
> > of this data and have
> > it passed unchanged to the database for processing. By creative
> > use of this api, the
> > Developer can ensure that only his/her applications can access
> > the database.
> Can you explain more, Dalton? Do you mean it would be possible to
> select password from rdb$database
> and return this information in a normal data packet, hence defeating my
> security implementation that took care to encrypt and protect the pw at
> login time with some paranoid security standard?

No, the information would only be available to triggers (not to standard SQL
or Stored
procedures, unless the trigger passes the info off to another table or
The concept is that instead of having the Interbase Client Library encrypt
the user
name and password to be transmitted to the server, the Developer would
encrypt it
using his/her own method and the IB client would just pass the final result
to the
server. The On Connect trigger could then use a UDF or some fancy SP to
decrypt and
authenticate the user.

Thanks for the feedback


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